Training and QRM certification

Quick Response Enterprise is a consulting organization expert to bring agility through your operations, and qualified to deliver formal Training under the registration N° 82 69 13494 69 to the Auvergne – Rhône Alpes Prefet.

Quick Response Enterprise has been registered Datadock with the identification 0041365.

Since 2017, training have to be realized by formal Training organization to be subsidized.

Being registerted on Datadock is a prove of quality of our training courses, being compliant with the six criterias defined in the french law dated March 5th 2014.

Ce statut témoigne de la qualité de nos modules de formation : notre organisme répond aux six critères définis par la loi du 5 Mars 2014 ce qui est un gage de crédibilité pour les entreprises ainsi que pour les stagiaires suivant nos sessions.

The QRM Institute Training & Certification Program is internationally recognized and has been specifically designed by combining the practitioner experience from the member organizations.

We offer four levels of QRM training and certification. After being completed successfully, these training courses lead to an official certified degree by the QRM Institute.

The official certified degree, consisting of four levels, is as following :

QRM Institute Bronze ® Level

After the completion of this course you will understand the four core concepts of QRM, be aware of the implementation road map and act as a local QRM ambassador at operational level. This training program is aimed at students in educational institutions and the operational staff within enterprises.

QRM Institute Silver ® Level

The QRM Institute Silver course allows you to support a QRM-implementation project. After the course, the participants will be able to perform a full QRM-analysis  and start a project under the guidance of an internal QRM Institute Gold graduate or external QRM consultant. The participants will acquire the basic implementation, change management skills and play an active role in organizing a QRM Cell.

QRM Institute Gold ®  Level

The QRM Institute Gold course enables you to lead a successful QRM-implementation project and achieve a significant lead time reduction. The participants will be able to execute company-wide QRM-implementations, perform basic training for colleagues, develop a team mindset and drive change management at leadership level. The training is mainly done through individual coaching during an actual QRM-implementation.

QRM Institute Platinum ®  Level

The QRM Institute Platinum course is intended for people who aspire to become a QRM instructor. The QRM Institute Platinum participant will be equipped to inspire, instruct and coach their trainees. The training is mainly done through individual coaching and several retreats aimed at perfecting their skill set.

QRM Certification

Through this program you will get the possibility to pass the final examination and receive the official QRM Institute digital honorary badge and certificate. You will complete the specific course when you have accomplished the following:- when you have attended 75% of all classes;

– passed the theory exam with a sufficient score of 70%.

The final examination consists of both a written theory exam and a practical assignment, in which you demonstrate how you are able to apply the theory in your own practice. The participant will demonstrate his or her skills in conducting a detailed QRM analysis and evaluate various options for improvement and precautions, in order to successfully implement the QRM approach in their own organization.